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It is a quest that is motivated by the urge to experiencing a vision that had partly been foreshadowed and incompletely painted by the imagination.

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Contemplation, and consequently the imagination, thus fulfil a moral purpose by helping the speaker to let his vision come true. The imagination does not have the power to fight the negative imagination of Frost which sets free all "secret Terrors" imaginable. The spleen as an extreme and unhealthy representation of the imagination produces deceptions that "strike [ The sanative powers of the imagination are not as strong as the fear incited by Frost, who exerts mental as well as psychological torture on the speaker.

His imagination has now been turned into an instrument with which Frost takes control of the speaker. The whole scene assumes a mysterious character in that the only concrete colour adjective "Blue" refers to the "Fires.

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The "Fogs profound" are impenetrable, that is, the speaker cannot see through them but has to speculate what might be hidden within them. The "baneful Damps" as well as the "Whispers" contribute to the animation of the whole landscape and the speaker's discovering evil in practically every object or sound he perceives.

The coldness of the whole scene, indicated by the "Blue Fires," the Fogs and the "baneful Damps" illustrate the way in which Frost proceeds to "freeze the Mind. The depiction of the Hag corresponds to what Steven Knapp has called "sublime personification":.

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Paxson refers to Lord Kames and his distinction between "passionate" and "descriptive" personification. He points out that what Ruskin called "pathetic fallacy" may be considered the essential quality of Kames's "passionate" personification.

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Paxson's definition of Ruskin's idea implies the "verbal externalization of an intensified interior state," 12 a state that seems to be reflected in Savage's presentation of the Hag:. He appears to discover various meaningful pictures that lie concealed in these shades and are thrown into relief by a "mystic Light. This car is actively involved in the process of establishing dominance over the speaker's mind. It is the primary task of the imagination to discover and create a "strange visionary Land" that is not exposed to the cruel coldness of Winter.

Winter will have to be confined in a cave and "bound in icy Chains" in order for him not to do any harm to the scene Fancy inspires. The Sun is central not only because it stands for the warmth that destroys frost but also because it is evident that Savage regards it as the ultimate source of "vegetative Life. Unlike the "shining Car," the Sun is not presented in terms of destruction but of life and ornament.

The brightness and radiance that surrounds the personification are underscored by the various royal attributes such as a crown or gems. The crimson of his robe is "unconsuming," that is it does not consume the objects it touches but only provides them with the light and warmth they need to grow. The "golden Shower" thus may be understood as rain that goes down onto the earth, fertilises and nourishes it and at the same time provides the light so necessary for "vegetative Life.

In Windsor Forest , 19 Pope had already asked Nature to "unlock [her] Springs" and to reveal the ordering principle of life to him. Savage, like Pope, attempts to discover a harmonic order inherent in nature but for him this goes together with a mysticism that Pope and the Augustans, in general, avoided. This was the poet Savage whose life Johnson chronicled.

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In Savage was tried for the murder of one James Sinclair in a tavern brawl but was acquitted. There, in , his Neoclassical tragedy Sir Thomas Overbury was also produced. Savage was a quarrelsome and an impecunious man.

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His friends, Alexander Pope prominent among them, eventually provided him money to convey him out of London. Richard Savage.

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