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Early on, two characters pour oats and milk into bowls in the kitchen and a theatrical trick means the two substances flow from their packets for minutes on end. It is respite and torture both at once.

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Nordisk Film, studio 3, Valby. Director: Tue Biering. Scenographer: Ida Grarup Nielsen. There was also a shifting area that prevented the flow of any form of a signal; be it radio, television, short wave, microwave or satellite signals. The US Air Force also carried back truckloads of the sand for research work. Moreover, shortly afterwards, people started reporting strange sightings of UFOs in that area.

In October , a couple narrated an encounter with two unidentified men.

Josefina and Ernesto Diaz were in the desert area to collect fossils for further study. They ventured into the zone for picking up sand samples and any unusual rocks that they could find. However, they soon realised that a rainstorm was approaching and in order to avoid getting stuck in the desert, they decided to drive away. They got into their vehicle and just as they were driving off, it got stuck in the wet sand. As they struggled to lift it away from the swamp like area, they were approached by two men wearing yellow raincoats and caps who offered help.

They were instructed by these men to sit inside and press hard on the accelerator as the men attempted to lift the vehicle enough to free it from the sandy swamp. As soon as the vehicle was freed, Ernesto decided to get down to thank the helpful strangers. Scientists have concluded that the sighting of UFOs and strange people could be a result of hallucinations caused by strong magnetic waves prevalent in the zone.

September was even more bizarre , with an entire town claiming to have been visited by a UFO. Closer to 9 pm that night, the residents of the town Ceballos reported of a huge rectangular spaceship-like object hovering in the sky above the town.

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Approximately metres long, it had blinking coloured lights all around the rim and a deep pulsating hum. The dogs of the town were quite agitated with the hovering object and all broke into a continuous howl and bark, simultaneously. The object flew away after a couple of seconds, presumably headed towards the Zone of Silence, as claimed by the spectators. Two men and a woman were often at the ranch asking to fill their canteens with water from the well in the ranch. They spoke in Spanish and never asked for anything other than water. In the month of November in , journalist Luis Ramirez Reyes was visiting the zone and the nearby biosphere reserve along with a team, for a story on the peculiar events in the area.

Reyes and his photographer drove in a separate car from the rest of the team and after touring for sometime in the desert, it was obvious that the two were lost. Reyes saw three men walking along the path and asked his colleague to pull up for directions. His colleague, however, unable to see anyone, kept on driving.

A few kilometres ahead, Reyes again saw the same people and this time firmly asked his colleague to stop the car.

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The trio gave them exact directions on how to reach the biosphere reserve and claimed to have been looking for their lost animals in the desert. Few of the reports are credible, and the overwhelming majority of them have not received an adequate explanation.

These anecdotes chronicle everything from strange lights in the sky to rectangular aircraft to people appearing almost out of nowhere. There appear to be a number of anomalies about the zone that can be classed as unusual. Maybe this desert area is unique in this regard. Although unproven, one of the traits most often associated with the area is the high levels of magnetite and uranium. Some investigators that have studied the area and its possible effects believe that these higher levels of minerals are responsible for the lack of signals deep within the zone.

A lot of these meteorites consist of iron or other metals that are attracted to magnetic fields. However, some experts point out that the Zone of Silence has not attracted any more meteors than normal. There have been testimonies about strange beings in the Zone: specifically, the same three people on a regular basis. This trio consists of one woman accompanied by two men — all blondes. One ranch, in particular, claims more than its fair share of encounters with this trio.

Purportedly, they all spoke fluent Spanish like natives and were not only extremely attractive but also polite to an extreme. Every visit had the same motive. The three would request to fill their canteens with water from the well on the property. They never once asked for food or for anything else. Fossil hunters Ernesto and Josefina Diaz ventured into the Zone to collect samples and any unusual rocks that they could find.

While they worked, a rainstorm was heading in their general direction. Fortunately for the couple, they noticed it and took action to avoid being caught up in a flash flood. However, it proved to be too late for them to completely avoid any trouble it could cause them. While they tried to outrun the storm, they could not. The ground around their pick-up truck began to transform into a boggy swamp that stranded them inside their vehicle. What followed could well be described as an incredible slice of good fortune, or perhaps something else entirely.

Two men with above average height approached the vehicle and its occupants, and they offered to free the trapped couple.

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Both rescuers wore identical clothing: a yellow raincoat and a cap. Ernesto ignored the instruction to remain inside the truck and wanted to personally thank them for their efforts. Whoever these men were, they vanished without leaving behind so much as a footprint in the mud.

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Mexico had the pleasure of a total solar eclipse in Ever since then, the nation has been one of the most active UFO hotspots in the world. Some of the purported activity within the Zone pre-dates the eclipse by a number of years.