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This finally convinces the Bishops to move out of the house. In the mids, Clara Dandy and her family move into a farmhouse in Hinsdale, New York on the country side. When it becomes clear to them that their house is haunted by a number of spirits, they call a psychic who informs them that many people have died in and around the house in the last century. It is up to the family to see if they will be able to rid their home of these spirits.

Edd and Beth Dunnam find themselves what they believe to be the perfect home in Deltona, Florida. They are also expecting a child together who will be born in a few months. Within days, Beth begins to feel down whenever she is by herself. After several paranormal sightings, the couple realizes that something is haunting their house.

Edd tries reacting angrily at the spirits in an attempt to scare them away, but little does he realize that his anger is only giving them more to feed on. When he finally realizes this and seeks help from a paranormal research group, they discover more than what the Dunnams bargained for. When they become face-to-face with the supernatural, this causes them to move out. Not too long after, Steven cannot keep his mind off the property whenever he sleeps at night. In the meantime, another family has moved into the house that come across the same noises and haunting that the LaChances had to face.

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Steven comes to their rescue to help them before the evil that inhabits there causes any more trouble. In southeastern Michigan , Selena Warner relocates into a new home where she is also able to find a new job in the meantime. Not too long later, she learns that her home is haunted by a man who died there tragically many years back. Selena and her sister believe that the ghost of the man is no danger to them, but when they are convinced that there is something evil in the house as well, they learn that there is indeed a more malevolent spirit residing there besides the ghost of the man.

The place is soon discovered to be haunted, with Lisa finding herself in constant great sorrow and depression that she is unable to get herself out of. Michael hears footsteps through the house and starts seeing the ghostly entities causing them. As the spirits in the house become more threatening, resulting in the couple's relationship to go downhill. After Lisa leaves, Michael must decide whether he is going to fight to save his home or leave. Only after a paranormal research team in Corning makes contact with the spirits, they discover that Mike is in danger from a malevolent male spirit and he is finally convinced to move away.

Afterwards the researchers theorized why he was the target of the attacks and not Lisa along with his female friend: as the male spirit had a fondness for female companionship, he thought Mike was a rival male who stood in his way and thus attacked him.

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Mike's former home was sold to another couple. In , Randy Ervin moves in the house in Standish, Michigan which his father has been renovating. His father discovers some Indian burials in the basement. They are recommended to be buried again and they did. Randy's grown interest in paranormal forces him to buy a book of witchcraft. He tries it but nothing happens.

Cain Casey Series

Little did he know that he has unleashed some malevolent spirits. His mother and little sister moves in to live with him. Several supernatural occurrences happen, and after Randy's mother has been attacked physically, they move out only to be followed by the spirits. The spirits start tormenting Randy. He is suggested to go to a lady who calms people tormented by spirits. The lady tells Randy to say the name of Jesus, but he is not able to. The spirits attack Randy, possess him and push him on wall, intending to kill him.

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The lady calms the spirits down by showing a crucifix. She suggests Randy and his family to go and pray at his previous house. The family gets rid of the spirits for good. In Galway, Ireland three generations of the Fahey family share a home together that has been in the family for thirty years. When Martha Fahey gives birth to a baby girl in , the family finds themselves cursed by strange noises, flying objects, exploding ornaments and mysterious orbs that are soon witnessed by neighbors, friends and family members.

The Faheys fight to protect their home and are forced to call in a priest for help, but to no avail. They call in psychic Sandra Ramdhanie who performs a healing ceremony in the house. The haunting spirit turns out to be that of a baby born to a young girl who was suffocated to death by the girl's father as she was not married. Sandra's healing comes to a success and the home is cleansed of the spirit once and for all.

In , April James, her two sons and her fiance Matt Brody all move into a year-old home in one of Salt Lake City 's charming historic districts. Matt works as a contractor and takes the opportunity to renovate the house. Unaware to the family's knowledge, the house is actually haunted.

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It is not until Matt comes across a very mysterious part of the house while renovating that supernatural occurrences begin to erupt and the family find themselves plagued with several ghosts. They turn out to be the spirits of several children held captive by the spirit of an evil man.


Cain Casey Series

When April and Matt try to fight the evil spirit, things get ugly and the family are forced to leave the house. Their only hope is a gifted psychic who uncovers the house's dark secret regarding the man when he was alive. In northeastern England, the staff of the Wheatsheaf Pub, a century-old bar, soon learns that the place is haunted by the spirit of a little girl named Jessica who was killed by a man named Joseph.

The current bartender, the Pub owners tries to contact the girl on a Ouija board , but ends up conjuring the ghost of the girl's killer instead. The staff must now work together with the two psychic mediums to save themselves and the spirit of the young girl from the ghost killer's wrath. However when a recording of Joseph is caught threatening the life of Suzanne for her interference, it makes her more determined to save Jessica.

When one of the regulars gets possessed by Joseph, the need to save him and themselves become more important. During the prayer fight between the owners, medium and the regular possessed by Joseph, the truth of how Jessica died comes to light. Paranormal investigator Mary Vogel finds herself coming across demonic forces while investigating a case. She experiences strange nightmares whenever she sleeps at night and finds her body attacked by ghosts during the day.

Mary soon goes to her mentor, John Zaffis , one of the world's leading paranormal experts, to get rid of the demon from trying to take over Mary's body. During the exorcism, Zaffis uncovers the shocking identity of the demon who was possessing Mary. Sarah Miller, her boyfriend and her children have moved into a haunted house.

Sarah feels that something supernatural is present in the home and frightens her children at night. Her boyfriend remains skeptical of all of this, refusing to believe a ghost is haunting the house. In talking with her neighbor, she finds out that the previous tenants held black masses there. As a demonic presence tries to take control of the family, Sarah runs to a religious demonologist for help, who prepares a powerful ritual to extinguish the evil in the house for good.

When Bobby Wilcott and his wife moves into a historical house, it soon becomes clear that it is haunted by spirits. The doors and windows are constantly opening by themselves and the electricity in the house is often not working right.

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After the couple tried to deny giving any supernatural explanation, Bobby soon discovers that the property was built on the ruins of an old family cemetery. Cindy and her boyfriend Jake move into a new house in Caseyville, Illinois. After their daughters discover a dark entity in the closet of their room, Jake becomes possessed by it and tries to harm them. As a result, Jake is taken by the police and soon he and Cindy divorce. Cindy sees a deceased woman in the bathroom mirror and goes to a priest for help. This angers the spirit who seems to be getting stronger as well. Cindy finally decides to take her daughters and leave the house.

A few weeks after Cindy leaves the house to get on with her life, a family of five kids move into the house and after a short time there, they also move out. After their son's departure to the Middle East and a motorcycle accident outside their house, Marcy finds herself at the verge of a breakdown, especially when she finds herself threatened by an evil spirit.

Marcy calls on a psychic and spiritual healer to rid the evil entity from the house. During the fight, Marcy and the psychic discover the evil male spirit has also been holding his family who died near the Wikoff property hostage for years. After successfully helping the female spirits cross over, Marcy regains her strength by demanding the spirit that he gives her back her house and orders him to leave. Now afraid of going to Hell for his actions, the male spirit begs the psychic for mercy and he is convinced to cross over to face God's judgment.

Rebecca Lenox has a gift being able to see and communicate to spirits.


For many years it has been a family secret but when she comes face-to-face with entities in her home, her marriage and peaceful lifestyle are soon at a downward spiral. After paranormal investigators come to her house and calm the ghosts down, Rebecca learns how to deal with the ghosts that she sees. Bill and Marissa Spencer are a newly-married couple that buy themselves an apartment in Seattle.

When the couple find themselves haunted by ghostly entities inhabiting the apartment, they go to paranormal researchers. However, they decide to move out of the apartment instead since they cannot get rid of the ghost.