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Norman, a steamboat. And that lobby has been at Union Avenue since Sept.

Founded in Clarksville in as the Masonic University of Tennessee, the school that in would become known as Rhodes College relocates to Memphis in Tann used pressure tactics and legal threats to dupe single mothers into giving up their babies, which she sold to wealthy or desperate couples through her "adoption" agency. Billed as one of the largest stores in the U. Banning David O.

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It is the fleshpots of Pharaoh, modernized and filled to overflowing. It is a barbaric symphony of passion and hatred, spilling from a blood-tinted screen. It is mental and physical putrefaction. Filmed in and around Memphis in , King Vidor's classic "Hallelujah" — the story of a sharecropper and a seductress — is one of the first major-studio films with an all-black cast.

The city acquired the property after Saunders went bankrupt. Insurance statistician Frederick L. Memphians object, pointing out that Chicago, for example, had hosted the "St. Valentine's Day Massacre" that same year. Edward D. Jude Thaddeus. Jude Children's Research Hospital in Memphis, which becomes the world's leading institute in the battle against childhood cancer.

Named by pilot Robert K. After the success of Nat D. Williams' "Tan Town Jubilee" show aimed at black listeners in , WDIA abandons country and pop and switches entirely to programming aimed at black audiences, hosted by black on-air personalities. King and Rufus Thomas. Memphis businessman Kemmons Wilson opens the first Holiday Inn — a single-story motor court — in August , at Summer. Reviewing Elvis' acting debut in "Love Me Tender" in , an unimpressed Time magazine critic wrote: "Is it a sausage? It is certainly smooth and damp-looking, but who ever heard of a pound sausage, 6 feet tall?

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Is it a Walt Disney goldfish? It has the same sort of big, soft beautiful eyes and curly lashes, but who ever heard of a goldfish with sideburns? Said one organizer: "Occasionally, when things would be a little bit dead in the dealers' room, he would break out the whip.

A prime example of s Polynesian exotica, the Luau restaurant opens at Poplar in February The Memphis Press-Scimitar lauded the establishment for its tiki statuary, war clubs, stuffed sharks and waterfall entrance, "with a banyan tree rising toward the roof, dotted with coral and giant clam shells. In what the judge said was "the first time he can recall that a white man was represented in City Court by a negro attorney," Sputnik's lawyer was Russell B.

EGYPT: Nile Cruise & Ancient Monuments (Luxor, Aswan, Giza)

Sugarmon Jr. Its striking modern design by Memphis architect Roy Harrover now partially obscured by an ugly parking garage, the current Memphis International Airport terminal opens on June 7, Killed in a Viet Cong ambush, Army Sgt.

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Calling himself "Mr. Pusser, the McNairy County sheriff known for his one-man campaign against moonshine, prostitution and illegal gambling, was the inspiration for the movie "Walking Tall. On Feb. Strike news took second place to weather news when a storm dropped Martin Luther King Jr. Witnesses say the youth was unarmed.

Jones, 76, died March 15, April 4, Dr. April 16, The city sanitation strike ends. Workers win union recognition and wage increases. Willis and Benjamin L.

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The union of white country and black gospel vocalists was intended to "set an example of racial partnership" in the wake of King's assassination, according to publicity, but both chains folded, in part because a major investor was financially embattled Tennessee gubernatorial candidate John Jay Hooker. Asked one board member: "Is this book fit for women to read? Hard to believe, but it is not until Nov.

One compromise: In Memphis, no nudity.

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  • May 21, Inspired by the new availability of liquor-by-the-drink, Memphis investors open the first Friday's restaurant and bar outside of New York, spurring what would become the Overton Square-centered nightlife explosion of the next two decades. The location currently is occupied by Babalu, a Mexican restaurant.

    The decision preserves the park. April 20, U. The decision forever changes local education. S cities, absolutely positively overnight. June 4, The Park Commission ends the popular practice of staging commercial rock concerts in the Overton Park Shell after complaints about "criminal" behavior in the audience. According to the Memphis Press-Scimitar, crowds "at various times smoked marijuana, drank alcoholic beverages, took drugs and openly participated in love-making.

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    Mugshots show an injury to the singer's nose that apparently resulted from a rebounding champagne bottle that Jerry Lee had tried to hurl out a rolled-up window. Benjamin L. The Memphis in May International Festival is organized in The first "honored country" is Japan. Soon after, Presley's body is moved to Graceland. It comes as an ugly shock. Patterson Jr. It is now the second most-visited home in the U. Distraught over the death of his 8-year-old son, who had been treated for leukemia at the hospital, a marijuana-smoking and.

    Jude Children's Research Hospital. The hour siege ends when police storm the office and kill Goulet on Feb. Hester, 34, who had been held hostage in the house. The ordinance later is declared unconstitutional. It is never heard of again. The old delicate balance between her wild nature and her strict Presbyterian, genteel upbringing was gone in Memphis Rakapolis was to come complete with a huge crystal sphinx, a "time machine" ride and a re-created Egyptian village.

    Commodities trader Charles D. When the much-feared date arrives, Memphis fails to shake, rattle, or even roll, at least tectonically. Writing in his book "Rythm Oil" in , Stanley Booth sticks up for the Bluff City when confronted by skeptics: "I told them that in this century, Memphis, Tennessee, had changed the lives of more people than any other city in the world. I used, I regret to report, the phrase 'cultural influence' I never had a chance to tell them that, like it or not, they had shopped at supermarkets, eaten at drive-in restaurants, slept in Holiday Inns, and heard the blues because people in Memphis had found ways to convert these things into groceries.

    July 4, Constructed around the Lorraine Motel, where Dr. It opens to the public in September Herenton is elected mayor, defeating incumbent Dick Hackett by votes out of about , cast. The headliners?

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    • The mother-and-daughter country act, the Judds. On Nov. The warm, sticky, humid Memphis summer air settled in with the dark. Softball fields came to life as teams of fat men with tight polyester pants and lime-green and fluorescent-yellow shirts laid chalk lines and prepared to do battle.

      Cars full of teenagers crowded into fast-food joints to drink beer and gossip and check out the opposite sex. Linder spearheaded the campaign to bring President George H. Bush to Memphis in for an event on the newspaper's lawn, where Bush designated The CA as the first "Point of Light" in a program honoring the nation's volunteers.