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Verified by Psychology Today. Emotional Fitness. Here are ten things you can do in ten minutes or less that will have a positive emotional effect on you and those you love. See it online at Oprah. This is a deeply moving segment that may be the best ten minutes you've ever invested in front of a computer. Spend a little while watching the sunset with your mate.

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Nothing extra is necessary. Just sit and take in the natural beauty of the sky and appreciate being able to share it with the one you love. Sit quietly by yourself. It doesn't really matter where or when. Just let your feelings bubble up and then experience the thoughts flowing out of your mind. Clearing your head and heart will give you extra energy to get through the rest of the day.

Write a thank you note to y our mate. When was the last time you thanked your partner for just being who he or she is and being with you?

10 Ways to Change Your Life in 10 Minutes or Less

Doing this in writing will give your partner something to cherish for the rest of his or her life. Take out your oldest family photo album and look through it. The experience will fill you with fond memories and perhaps make you a bit wistful for days gone by. Play with a child. Most kids have short attention spans; ten minutes of quality time from a loving adult can make their day. It will also help you stay in touch with the child inside of you. Visualize or imagine a positive outcome for any issue.

Medical doctors recommend visualization to patients with chronic and potentially fatal illnesses. Early one morning 10, feet in the air, I was on my way to a day of sales meetings. Now with tears streaming down my face, I wrote down my answer to these questions. I would savor the time with my wife and closest relationships. What about you?

Ten to zen: the 10-minute mind workout that could change your life

So, how would I spend my time if I only had one year left? I would create as many experiences with my wife and kids as I possibly could. It felt good. The tears streaming down my face are tears of deep love, joy, and gratitude.

The ‘Ten-Minute’ Philosophy | ExpandBeyondYourself

The tears bring focus to living life on purpose. In a matter of 10 minutes, you too can bring your life into sharp focus.

Do you want to live life to its fullest? A Gift for Visiting Download my daily intentions planner and take 4-minutes every morning to set your intentions toward creating your purpose.

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Email Address. We use this field to detect spam bots. If you fill this in, you will be marked as a spammer. I look forward to hearing from you! One nurse wrote :. A doctor gave me a compliment today because I knew exactly what to do in an emergency situation, and I helped a patient who was having a seizure. In just three weeks, stress levels and mental and physical complaints declined in small but significant amounts. On the days they wrote about good things, the participants were better able to detach from work stress when they got home in the evening. This simple practice—writing about three good things that happened—creates a real shift in what people think about, and can change how they perceive their work lives.

Moreover, it creates a positive feedback loop. People who reflect on good things that happened at the end of the day are more likely to share them with loved ones.

This, in turn, bolsters social connections which reduces stress even more. Another positive by-product is improved sleep. Noticing good things may even make you more creative. Research shows positive emotions enhance creative thinking and innovation. Focusing on positive events does not come naturally for most of us. Evolution has programmed us to notice negative events and anything that may be perceived as a threat. This made sense for our ancestors but no longer applies today. As the above study highlights, just because your inclination may be to ruminate on the negative, it does not mean your fate is sealed.