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The directories, also called lenses, resemble blogs, except each lens is devoted to a single topic. Squidoo acts as an intermediary to search engines, giving people a "big picture" view on any given topic. The Squidoo site allows so-called lensmasters to share their expertise on a given topic so others don't have to wade through piles of information. The top lenses visited on Squidoo include topics ranging from the power of raw food to ways for transforming your office cubicle into a gym. Martha Stewart even hosts a lens on making cookies. Squid have large eyes, and each lens on Squidoo provides a view on the world, Godin said, explaining the origin of the company's name.

It ends in "oo" since tech companies with two "o"s in their name -- Google, Yahoo! Web sites featuring online guides and solutions aren't anything new, consider About. But Squidoo rewards its lensmasters with a cut of the earnings received from ads and other revenue-generating links on the site. All revenue is first applied towards the company's overhead costs.

Then, 5 percent of all revenue is donated to charity. Once that requirement has been met, lensmasters start to share in the profits. Half of the revenue generated from Google ads posted on each lens goes to Squidoo's top lensmasters, based on rank and traffic numbers. Lensmasters also pocket half of all other revenue, such as that generated from sales made via links to sites like Amazon.

They can also choose to donate their earnings to charity. But there's no guarantee people will be able to make enough to quit their day jobs, since earnings will depend on how popular their lenses are and how many directories they maintain. All revenue is being donated to charity while the site is in its Beta phase.

Add multiple polls and comment modules to each lens. For example, break your lenses up into sub topics. After each topic, add a poll and a comments section. Quizzes are another fantastic way of increasing your lensrank. Write compelling content that encourages people to click on your links. Clickouts are a huge factor for improving lensrank. Find helpful relevant resources, fun stuff, and great images and videos to include.

Focus on interesting, easy to read content that generates engagement in the form of clicks, participating in polls, quizzes, and comments, and with the adequate number of visitors, watch your lensrank increase! The goal is to build community and get people involved in finding quality content and lensmasters. As a lensmaster, you earn points by participating in actions such liking other lenses, taking polls, leaving comments, and more. Every time you level up, you will gain access to new modules and goodies.


Squid Profits: Squidoo Keyword Research Success Formula

Each item you unlock is an opportunity for the growth of your lenses and lensmaster account. As you earn points you also earn trophies, which in turn gives you bonus points. The amount of points you earn by activity is not consistent and has a very large range. Best Epub - by Mariann Siegert. Best Epub - by Kevin Hungate. Best Epub - by Sandra Williams. Best Epub - by Paul Stevens. Read Online - by Stacy Michelle. Linda Sapadin. Full Online - by Ashley Barnett.

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People simply wanted a fair payment system that paid them for the traffic they received and they really wanted the site to succeed. It's unfortunate that so many were mistreated in so many ways. Just like everyone else on HubPages, individual writers will do well here, depending upon whether Google likes their content or not. The scary thing is that all of that uploaded content, , new featured pages, hasn't increased traffic to HubPages at all.

In fact, traffic is lower than it was on August 14, the day before the acquisition was announced. That is not a good sign, especially since traffic normally increases in September when school starts again and summer vacations are over. Hi Writer Fox - Wow, you really put a lot of time and effort into the timeline of the breakdown of Squidoo. It sounds so unbusinesslike of Seth and the others, while I thought the site was a good site. Your article is excellent, though it appears some writers from Squidoo do not agree with part of your assessment. Maybe some facts were unknown.

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Thank you for sharing this article, and good luck to all the writers who are involved in this merger. I enjoy contacts with everyone. May traffic return as soon as possible. Blessings, Audrey. Guilty of being funny??? Yet there are the elite who can truly be nasty and get away with it time and time again. Haha - well lol and touche Writer Fox. Yes, considering how I write, I was being reserved. Fuming, but reserved. It was a good lesson in forum games. I guess I lost but really it was just a waste of time.

Well, gosh how wonderful Mark. Someone has to read sarcasm into that comment because you can't hear someone's tone of voice in a forum post. And some people are making hugely long forum posts, which go on and on and on, saying the same thing over and over and over, and which have more words than some Hubs I've recently seen.

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If that isn't blah-blah, then I don't know what is. If you were actually trying to annoy people, then I don't think you did a very good job of that and I am really, really disappointed in you because I know you can do much better than that. Hey guys - I was rude in terms of saying blah-blah to someone and saying gosh how wonderful sarcastically to someone else. Really not much more than that. I think everyone - Squids, Hubs and HP owners are all a bit sensitive at the moment - and I was trying to annoy all of them.

Not a duck cough in sight though. Mark Well, did they tell you why you were banned? Did you duck cough someone? I didn't see that if you did. Was a comment removed?

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  7. Oh, well, never mind. The forums are pointless now anyway — way too much Squid squawk. I can hardly wait for your new Hub. When you publish it, come back here and drop a link. That's a link I'll publish because I'm sure it will be highly relevant and quality-QAP-verified content. By the way, Seth and his wife have been known to serve cooked squid to their neighbors for lunch.

    Check that out on Google. You might want to work that in somewhere, you know, like you are what you eat, or something.

    Seth Godin's Failed Squidoo Site Sells Out to HubPages

    Mark - did they remove your offending comment? I never saw anything either that should offend someone enough to result in your being banned.

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    Only two days so not too long. I shouldn't have spent so much time on it! Lost it - not for the first time.

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    Oh and drawing a picture of him DressageHusband: Hi Stephen. Hey, there's no bias here; these are all facts with the dates and references. I'm not sure what you mean about who was smart enough to do what with intent. I presume you mean the gamers. Well, here's an ad from a gamer:.