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A team of experienced university experts diligently serving the forensic and independent mental health evaluation needs of our community. She performs a variety of forensic assessments and mental heal th evaluations in the civil and criminal domain, including evaluatio ns for and related to competency to stand trial, sanity at the time of the alleged offense, civil commitment and forced medications, violence risk assessment, malingering, disability, psychiatric harm, testimonial capacity, fitness for duty, sexual harassment, and malpractice.

Brand also offers research, consultation and document reviews related to substance use, mental health and legal issues. Contact: Angie Cooley , Ext. Rojas is a licensed health service psychologist who specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of addictive disorders, psychiatric comorbidity, and trauma. He has extensive experience in conducting evaluations for Oklahoma professional licensure boards, healthcare organizations, and businesses.

Pediatric Forensic Neuropsychology (2012, Hardcover)

His evaluation consists of a four-hour in person interview, psychological testing, and feedback. Scott is a board-certified neuropsychologist through the American Board of Professional Psychology ABPP with more than 25 years of experience in neuropsychological assessment of individuals with neurologic injuries and diseases of the central nervous system.

His examinations focus on quantitative examination of brain functioning and the impact of injury or accidents on cognitive and emotional functioning. I am available for independent medical examinations related to both neuropsychological and psychological conditions and I am also available for forensic evaluations as they pertain to competence to stand trial, risk assessment, and criminal responsibility. I'm also experienced in geriatric-related forensic work, particularly decision-making capacity and undue influence. My primary practice is in Tucson Arizona; however, I am available for evaluat Experience in criminal and civil proceedings.

Personal injury examinations of adults and children. Worker's compensation evaluations. Two year appointment to U. State Department, Office of Medical Services. Twenty-two month deployment to Iraq to evaluate and treat Department of State and Department of Defense personnel for acute and posttraumatic stress disorders. Forensic Psychology Expert Witness, Psychology Expert Witness - Neuropsychological assessment, cognitive evaluations, PTSD, fitness for duty evaluation, traumatic brain injury, abuse, capacity, conservatorship, competency, will contest, workplace violence, suicide prevention, standard of care, malpractice.

Michael A. Carlish, Ph. Carlish put himself through graduate school by providing emergency mental health assessments in emergency rooms and psychiatric hospitals around San Diego County, and he continues to see patients in this setting on a regular basis. For the past twelve years he has assessed hundreds of severely mentally ill patients, evaluating suicidality, psychosis, and aggression.

For the past four years, Dr. Carlish has acted as the primary testing Sharon Chernoff, Ph. Chernoff received her Ph. During her fellowship, Dr. Chernoff performed psychological assessments of chronic pain patients, neuropsychological assessments of heart, kidney, and liver transplant candidates, and also assessments of living-related liver donors.

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Rachyll Dempsey,Psy. E, is a forensic neuropsychologist with offices throughout the San Francisco Bay Area and practicing throughout California. Dempsey has dedicated her career to building her specialty in psychological and neuropsychological testing and assessment. Dempsey has also assisted in creating, credentialing, and running three separate psychology training programs. Ernst is one of fewer than 35 psychologists in California who have undergone the rigorous examination process necessary to obtain Board Certification in Forensic Psychology.

As a trauma expert, Dr. Ernst has extensive experience conducting forensic evaluation including, but not limited to, civil and criminal competency evaluations, mitigation or sentencing evaluations, violence risk assessments, personal injury evaluations, and the assessment of severe mental illness and neuropsychological impairment. Ernst is a member of the Criminal Panel of Psychiatric and Psychological Experts for multiple superior courts and is a certified Qualified Medical Evaluator for Cindy H. Feng, J. She then went on to earn her J.

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Expert in emotional distress due to chronic stress or catastrophic events arising out of psychological trauma, employment injuries, or physical injuries. Expertise in workplace dynamics, stress disorders, employment litigation, depression, anxiety, trauma, personality disorders, and malingering. Performed numerous medical-legal evaluations, immigration evaluations, and general psychological evaluations for young adults, adults, and geriatric populations.

Completed psychological evaluations for neurostimular implants, gastric bypass surgery candidates, and provided therapeutic support to these client populations. Provides comprehensive psychological evaluations resulting in timely, articulate, and tightly worded narrative reports that link cause and effect. Takes pride in serving as an objective evaluato Forensic Psychology Expert Witness, Psychology Expert Witness - psychological evaluation, post traumatic stress disorder, PTSD, depression, sexual harassment, discrimination, wrongful termination, emotional distress, psychological injury, retaliation, anxiety, trauma, IME, employment, malingering, sexual assault, Title VII.

Psychological expert in emotional distress due to chronic stress or catastrophic events arising out of psychological trauma, employment issues, or physical injuries. Performed over IME's with psychological testing including symptom validity and exaggeration measures. Expertise in workplace dynamics, stress disorders, employment litigation, depression, anxiety, trauma, personality disorders and malingering.

Degrees & Careers in Forensic Psychology | How to Become a Forensic Psychologist

Recognized expert and educator on organizational dynamics and stress, presenting to Fortune companies across the United States, Asia and Europe. Retained by employers to investigate management problems, develop interventions and mediate solutions. Extensive public speaking and teaching experience. Awarded dual state licensure. Advanced training in trauma with Certified Clinical Trauma Professional designation.

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Post-doctoral fellowship i Francis is a Forensic Neuropsychologist based in California who conducts med-legal examinations throughout the state. Francis renders expert witness testimony nationwide. Francis is skilled in evaluating unexplained medical symptoms, and neuropsychological evaluations for mild traumatic brain injuries, heavy metal and pesticide exposure, and neurodegenerative conditions and has provided expert opinions regarding brain damage from a variety of personal and industrial injuries. I am a clinical psychologist specializing in forensic psychology and neuropsychology with over 10 years of experience in assessing, treating, and consulting on psychological disorders.

I also specialize in forensic psychological and neuropsychological evaluations for immigration hearings, civil and criminal competency, personal injury, worker's compensation, and fitness for duty. In addition to conducting evaluations, I also provide consultation services to personal injury and worker's compensation attorneys on psychological and neuropsychological related matters.

Forensic neuropsychology

In addition to my private practice, I work at Patton State Hospital as a forens David Glaser, M. D, one of the pioneers in Forensic Psychiatry.

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Since the inception of his career, Dr. Glaser has performed over a thousand evaluations, criminal and civil, defense and plaintiff, at the request of attorneys, individuals, industry, insurance companies, and judges. In the California Workers Compensation system, he has performed hundreds of evaluations as a neutral evaluator Agreed Medical Evaluations and Panels Qualified Medical Evaluations , chosen jointly by plaintiff and defense attorneys. Glaser has been on the faculty of the U.

He is Board Certified in Psychiatry and Neurology. He has also been Board Certified in Forensic Psychia Neuropsychology Expert Witness, Psychology Expert Witness - suicide risk assessment, mental capacity, neurocognitive deficits, geriatric psychology, undue influence, forensic psychology, PTSD, head trauma, psychological testing, psychological disability, fitness for duty, IME, traumatic brain injury, personal injury, clinical neuropsychology. Craig Grether, Ph.

E, is a licensed clinical psychologist working in the San Diego area. He is an accomplished diagnostician, therapist, consultant, researcher and author having worked in outpatient rehabilitation, long-term care, private practice, and inpatient settings. Forensic Psychology Expert Witness, Mental Health Expert Witness - domestic violence, intimate partner violence, IPV, intimate partner abuse, battered woman syndrome, false arrest, battered woman defense, battered person syndrome, battered person defense, family violence, family abuse, psychological abuse, batterer intervention.

John Hamel, Ph. He has worked with family violence perpetrators and victims since , and is a court-approved provider of batterer intervention programs in the San Francisco Bay Area.

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Pediatric neuropsychology

He also has had dozens of his research articles published in various peer-reviewed scholarly journals, and is Editor-in-Chief of Partner Abuse, a journal published quarterly by Springer Publishing. A frequent speaker at conferences on domestic violence, he has also trained mental health professionals, attorneys, victim advocates social service organizations, law enforcement, attorneys and family court mediators.

He is a founding member of the Association of Domesti Nancy Hoffman, PsyD San Rafael, California Forensic Psychology Expert Witness, Geriatrics Expert Witness - Geriatric Neuropsychologist, Forensic neuropsychology, testamentary capacity, medical decision making capacity, financial capacity, undue influence, will contests, capacity to contract, capacity to manage personal affairs, elder financial abuse, conservatorships. She frequently gives talks to medical and legal professionals and to the public on topics related to aging and forensic issues. She also maintains a clinical practice providing neuropsychological assessment, treatment planning, and psychotherapy with older adults in the San Francisco Bay Area.

She has offices in Santa Rosa and San Rafael. Richard Jordan, Psy.

His early education was rooted in science and engineering, leading to a BS in Chemical Engineering. His earlier career in environmental engineering led to his focusing upon the air quality challenges in perhaps the most difficult air quality environment in the country, Los Angeles. As he became known for his creative solutions to seemingly impossible air quality and regulatory challenges, he was approached by his clients who provided financial support for him to start his own company. Jordan grew this company over a ten-year period, and then sold it to his employees so that he could transition to his new field of interest, psychology.

Jordan received his doctorate in clinical psychology from the American Behavioral Studies Institute where he completed his dissertation on integrative treatments for major depressive disorder both with and without psychotic featur He has provided expert witness testimony in both the Federal and Superior Courts and has testified in over 60 office depositions.

His primary psychological clinical experience includes the evaluation and treatment of Posttraumatic Stress Disorders and substance abuse and dependency. During a five-year period, Dr. Kopoian evaluated individuals convicted of a criminal offense and found Not Guilty by Reason of Insanity, for the purpose of determining their current mental status, violence potential and likelihood of substance abuse relapse. Jeffrey Kropf, Ph. As a consulting psychologist since , Dr. Kropf has evaluated more than youths and young adults in community care and court-ordered placements.

Lynn Lunceford, Psy. She has been in private practice since and has consulted with attorneys on a wide range of civil cases. Topics she has consulted on include competence to stand trial, immigration, effects of sexual abuse, effects of trauma, fitness for duty, and assessment of dangerousness. She is currently part of the faculty at University of Phoenix and is a frequent guest on San Diego News to discus current psychological issues in the news.