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Life on the Mississippi by Mark Twain. The Outcasts of Poker Flat. Harte, Francis Bret. X, Part 4. Harvard Classics Shelf of Fiction. To Build a Fire, by Jack London. Richard Cory- Poets. Alice Walker.

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What is poetry? Two Concepts of Freedom. Twentieth Century Authors Activity. Page's English Search this site. American Romanticism and Transcendentalism. Argumentative Research Paper. Assignments and Assessments. Class Activities and Speeches. Comma Practice. Contact Me. Digital Portfolios English Examples of Transcendentalism. Extracurricular Texts. Page's English Class Digital Portfolio. Oral Communications. History , Problem Solving.

Activities , Games , Cooperative Learning. Ben Franklin Webquest.

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The assignment contains 27 questions about the accomplishments and contributions of Benjamin Franklin. Students will complete a writing prompt for closure. I have included an answer key.

Please message me if you have any questions. The document can be uploaded to your personal website or Google Dr. Social Studies - History , U. Activities , Internet Activities , Webquests. This video can currently be accessed through YouTube at no charge. Liberty's Kids is an animated historical fiction series of 40 episodes, approximately 22 minutes long, that describes the events of th.

Worksheets , Printables , Movie Guides. December Fluency Files. Fluency is a vital part of the reading process and the more opportunities students have to practice reading text aloud, the more fluent they will become.

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This resource is designed to give students tons of practice reading text out loud, with the focus being on fluency. In this resource, you will fin.

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Activities , Printables , Literacy Center Ideas. In these three Inspired Writing lessons, students use mentor texts as models for their own authentic writing. Furthermore, the lessons guide students through close readings of t. Lesson Plans Bundled , Activities , Handouts. Show 3 included products. English Anthology Exam. If you are using the right anthology English 11 at my wife's school , this could be a very useful final exam.

IF you are not using the anthology that includes the stories listed below, this download would not work. English Language Arts , Reading , Literature. Examinations - Quizzes , Assessment. In his younger years, this much loved Founding Father poised himself as "Silence Dogood" and then later, "Richard Saunders". Benjamin Franklin's Legacy in black and white print can be used as History , Informational Text.

Activities , Printables , Task Cards. Benjamin Franklin's Legacy can be used as Activities , Cooperative Learning , Task Cards. Would you like to introduce topics from History into your daily reading schedule? Do you need a no-prep resource to include Historic Topics in your Reading lessons? Want to address Current Events in December with a Historical twist?! Ben Franklin Project Benjamin Franklin.

Students will create a mini book about Ben Franklin's accomplishments in literature, science, and politics. I have included research questions and kid-friendly websites they will use to find the information. On each page, students will have a title, visual, and a summary of Franklin's accomplishment. Projects , Activities , Cooperative Learning. Colonial Writers and the American Dream.

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On the block schedule, these activities would take approximately 30 minutes each day with much of the reading done outside of class. If you elect to read the assigned readings in class, the activities would take longer. Constitutional Underpinnings of US Government. Correspondent and Advisor. Creating a Common Place Book.

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Author s : Beth Baldwin Grade Level: 7 Objective: In the past, people created common place books to help journal a year. These books often included letters, death notices, newspaper clippings, and sometimes more personal items. Drafting the Declaration. Author s : Krystle Gnatz-Derelanko Grade Level: Objective: The Enlightenment is one of the most influential time periods in the history of this world.

It could be said that it is the doorway into modern history. This unit is a basic look at the Enlightenment. During the course of this unit students will learn not only why the Enlightenment developed out of absolute rule by divine kings and powerful popes but also what the basic ideals of Enlightenment thinkers were.

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This unit will conclude by looking at America and how the Enlightenment affected the creation of a new nation. Author s : Jessica Culver Grade Level: 9 Objective: Students will view the video National Treasure and look for clues within the movie that relate to Benjamin Franklin; students will also be given questions to find as we view the video. Franklin Lesson.

History students about the unique wit and wisdom of Benjamin Franklin and apply it to their lives. Franklin ESL. Students will complete KWL as well as comparing and contrasting charts.. Franklin Goes to the Doctor. Author s : Michael Guzzio Grade Level: Objective: In cross-curriculum cooperative teaching with the science department, students in teams of three suggested will perform a physical exam of Benjamin Franklin based on what we know of his diet, work, exercise, personal habits drinking and smoking , common ailments of the day, family history, and other health issues caused by medical knowledge and practices of the day.

Franklin Persona. Is it all black and white? Students will begin to see that appearances may be different from reality, i. Throughout the block, material will challenge some traditional, historical claims of the period and of Benjamin Franklin. Franklin Writings.

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Author s : Polson Grade Level: Objective: The following question requires you to construct a coherent essay that incorporates documents A-G and your knowledge of the period referred to in the question. High scores will be earned only by essays that cite key pieces of evidence from the documents and draw on outside knowledge from the period. French Lesson. Janeczko Grade Level: Objective: To learn about the various roles that Ben Franklin played in his life and think about how they would translate to the present day.

Author s : Derrick J. Gifted Classroom Gazette. Author s : Nadeau Grade Level: Objective: The student will observe and record relevant information, synthesize collected information and present in a meaningful way, and effectively communicate and participate in authentic assessment. They will then use their question and primary source material along with information from their textbook to write a historical narrative that answers the question with evidence. History of Street Names. Innovation and Invention. Images and Self Image of Ben Franklin.

Language and Tone in the Writings of Ben Franklin.