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By the time I was 8 or 9 I just wanted to play guitar. I got an SG copy for Christmas and started taking lessons but I just could not do it. My left hand is not made for chords. I am SO envious of guitar players. Two years later I upgraded to the kit that I still play today. I got married in and we had our first of 3 children in Obviously, my focus and priority is my family. But, while so many people my age tell me that they sold their instruments when they got married or when they had kids, I always knew that my desire to listen and play music was too great to think about selling my stuff.

Even though New Years was my last gig before this past winter, my addiction to music only grew. Then, faced with being out of work last summer, I immediately thought of picking up some gigs. Due to work commitments and my kids' school, my wife had to stay back in Michigan for a few months.

He told me to go ask for Greg Levkus.

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A week or two later, the sterling Captain Kirk invited me to play out at Bowens Island. For that, I am sincerely grateful to the entire Lowcountry Blues Club.

Guitarists Dan Wright and J. Getches are the two that the majority of my favorite performances have been with, and Jonathon Robinson always gives me visions of my all time favorite axemen. Mark Schleis has challenged me in a positive way and I feel that Tony Cobin and I have really locked in to name a couple.

Sweet Dream (Jethro Tull song)

Backing Sarah Cole is always an exciting highlight for me. With her everyone seems to step it up instead of stepping all over one another! Nor would I want to. If anyone would like to get involved with the Lowcountry Blues Club and help make it even better please step up and help.

See Tim Shaw at the jam. Reminders: Join us on facebook and twitter. Also, artists featured in September are B. This week we will be spending time with the amazing Matt Foster! Matt was born September 5th, and hails from Minerva Ohio. His main instrument is the guitar and second instrument is the ukulele. As far as what brought him to Charleston, he informs me it was his parents! Matt has been diligently putting his guitar through its paces for a year now and learned the craft from our own Wyatt Garey.

Yeah, the first one is the toughest I think.

Aqualung/My God Jethro Tull Tribute Blog:

Yes I was a little metal head also up until about age It never leaves you though does it Matt? Wild Tangent complete! Moving along, moving along!! That wraps up another bio! Who do you want to know more about? We love you guys and are grateful for all of you. Please let your opinion be heard, drop us a line at lowecontrybluesclub gmail. It's been a great week for music -- last weeks Wednesday jam was awesome, as usual!

Many thanks to all the musicians who played as well as all the killer dancing!! And Sunday after last we had the first round of the Lowcountry Blues Challenge, with four bands competing. Thanks to Tim Shaw for much organizing, and thanks to our judges: Johnny Mac, Steve Simon, and Jeff Bateman, for being there start to finish, and helping us to determine who should be in the finals. Thanks too to all who participated, and helped in any way Don't miss it!! The winners of the Challenge will receive our club's nomination to go to the International Blues Challenge in Memphis, Tennessee.

Now for some more blues news with Shrimp City Slim!! Don't miss the boat! Summer is running down Christmas can't be too far behind! The last cruises of this year are all Thursdays : August 26, September 2,16,30 and October 14, Remember: This is a perfect party plan for your next "do" Ask the office folks when you call and book ahead for that wedding reception, anniversary, birthday, company party, you name it.

You will be very glad you did. Momma has invited the phenomenal Susie Summers and Al Pugliese to join her and the band for one last summer fling on Sunday, September 5, from pm until pm. MiMi and the good folks at Bowen's Island will provide great food and cold beverages.

We eagerly anticipate a great party with our many friends. Hope to see you there!!! Thanks for your partnership with the Lowcountry Blues Club and we will see you at the jam this Wednesday!!! Have a great week and week end. See you Wednesday!! Hi Blues Club Friends -- It's been a great week for music -- last night's Wednesday jam was awesome, as usual!

Many thanks to all the musicians who played!! And Sunday we had the first round of the Lowcountry Blues Challenge, with four bands competing.

Musicians & Credits…

And Rob Lowe plays at Bambu. Their newest cd is called My War Cry is Amor, and there are some great songs on it. We love to watch the Charleston Swing Dancers who come out in force, and they seem to love us too They'd love to have lots of Blues Club fans come out to cheer them on!

Jethro Tull - A New Day Yesterday (Live)

LMW, August 19, Full schedule, photos, streaming music, and band merchandise can be found at Highway 17 Blues Band. Check out band info on facebook, myspace, reverbnation, and twitter! Contact the band at highway17blues yahoo. We still need volunteers during the Challenge to help with memberships and working the door, so email us at lowcountrybluesclub gmail.

Being a non profit C it is required to maintain our tax status. Our club continues to grow so if you have any one who is interested in getting involved as an officer or to serve on the board it would be helpful. This is a blast. Get more info and tickets at www. Hi, lowcountry blues club members. What is the meaning of life? When will extraterrestrial blues musicians show up for the weekly jam?

Will they play too loud? What really is blues music? So, being the geek I am, I visited Wikipedia, which is clearly a blues authority. The blues form ubiquitous in jazz, rhythm and blues, and rock and roll is characterized by specific chord progressions—the twelve-bar blues chord progressions being the most common—and the blue notes, notes that for expressive purposes are sung or played flattened or gradually bent minor 3rd to major 3rd in relation to the pitch of the major scale.

Garden Shed (Golden Edition) – England

Personally, I hear the blues in a very wide range of music. The music that I love connects people together through our shared pain - loneliness, disappointment, disillusionment, and bad TV. When I starting playing the guitar, the blues meant the soulful music of B. King, Freddie King, and Muddy Waters. As I went out into the world I heard the blues scale and the blue notes come roaring out in reggae, funk, and the Latin flavored solos of Carlos Santana.

I met B. King a few years ago and spent some time talking with him backstage after a show. I have heard people speak English all over the world yet often I have had no idea what they were saying. I have been in Britain, Ireland, and parts of the United States where the English spoken by the natives might as well have been the language spoken by fish deep in the sea. I fathomed not a word. Here's an event you may be interested in this weekend: This Saturday night, August 7, there's a cd release party at the Pour House for the Charleston Sound compilation cd 2, with several local bands performing, including our own jam-master Dan Wright and our friend Skye Paige -- should be lots of fun!

Also, it is time to elect officers for the Lowcountry Blues Club This is not a regular blog post. That will take you to the recordings where you can listen to or download the songs. The club is not making a single penny by having the recordings either. It is just an added bonus to the members by tracking progress and recording great jams. The recordings are a tool to help you and it is included in you membership. We are trying this to see how it works, so please give us your feedback at lowcountrybluesclub gmail.


Have a great weekend and thanks for your time! Take it light, JP Jones Jr. Special guest will be our own Sarah Cole. Upcoming excitement includes the Lowcountry Blues Challenge, battle of the bands. We have 4 spots open for the challenge on Aug 15 and Aug Please contact Tim Shaw at thebigguyblues gmail. We also need sponsors for the event. They get advertising on the poster and they get to place up a banner during the challenge. We will need volunteers during the Challenge to help with memberships and working the door.