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They believed there was faith in their ability and they were often left alone to carry out their duties.

Cynthia b. This is striking when comparing the white paper Better Schools with the survey of the education system All Our Future. The latter features voices of students and the meaning of results is problematized rather than taken as objective truth of ability of either pupils or teachers. Maureen recalled as an especially difficult year because it was the first inspection she experienced under the new regime. She and her colleagues found the whole process overwhelming:. This reduction in conditions can be viewed as a form of downwards occupational mobility even if they stayed in the same employment and meant the risk of moving jobs often felt worth taking.

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India b. Feeling that what she had to offer was no longer of value to the department, India left in the mids to pursue freelance teaching which placed her in a precarious financial situation.

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Growth in health and education employment had slowed in the s and the early-to-mid s witnessed an overall contraction in the number of state workers. She lamented that as an older woman she was having to spend hours on her feet every day doing fairly menial labour, and worrying financially especially through autumn and winter. One of the aims of decreasing public services in the late s was to reinvigorate civil society and family life because Thatcherite politicians believed caring should be the responsibility of women but largely and ideally in a domestic or voluntary setting rather than under the remit of the state.

The Legal and Journalism History to End Segregated Job Ads

Unable to find another professional role, in the years since she has organised writing workshops for various charities, and volunteered as a counsellor for women with mental health problems. She has also taken on additional caring responsibilities within the family. Rita explained that she felt losing her job reduced her status in society:. Anita b. The issue of her losing her job was woven like a connecting thread throughout the interview. Unlike de-industrialization which has impacted male workers, the process of de-professionalization outlined here has disproportionately affected women because of their majority in the public sector and specifically in the semi-professions within health, welfare and education.

Women of the post-war generation employed in these areas experienced fundamental changes in their working-lives, which often led to a feeling of loss of status and power in the workplace and society more broadly. Many found themselves unexpectedly downwardly mobile at a crucial stage of their career; either through the reduction in conditions, or through moving or losing a job due to changing conditions. These women grew up during a time when opportunities were expanding for women but they were not immune to the negative effects of structural change in public sector employment.

The material presented here suggests that examining later life stages in personal testimony sources can complicate dominant narratives about the collective experience of a generation. The way patriarchy is enacted changes across time and interacts with contemporary political ideologies; it should be analysed as an historically specific rather than universal concept. The form and impact of de-professionalization demonstrates the dialectic between patriarchy and neoliberalism during this period.

De-professionalization deserves to be considered as one of the key explanatory processes of late twentieth-century Britain. While ads for men promised family-supporting wages, opportunities for women tended to involve low-level office work. Lesser remuneration and condescension toward pay equity was not the only issue. The picket against sex segregated job ads was one of the first major actions of a new body called the National Organization for Women.

By the summer of , its members were ready to take on increasingly confrontational actions. The Times itself took note of the initial picket with an article on an inside page, accompanied by a photograph. Nearly a year of continued agitation was required before such arguments lost their grip.

In December , NOW conducted demonstrations in five cities targeting the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, calling on the agency to reverse its position that sex-segregated ads were not a form of illegal discrimination.

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It ruled that separate male and female help wanted ads violated the Civil Rights Act, except in cases in which sex was a bona fide occupational qualification. Along with actions such as the disruption of the Miss America pageant, it helped to kick off a whirlwind period of protest that marked the peak of what became known as second wave feminism. Today, help-wanted ads are no longer segregated by sex, and feminists secured real victories in breaking into male-dominated professions.

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