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I believe firmly that the said Henson is a spy, and has been in the service of and the pay of the Federals all that time, and that all his sympathies are with them. I have the honor to be, General, very respectfully, your obedient servant, P. Henson to Mobile…… The prisoner, at all times and every day, demanded and pleaded for a trial which, so far as I know, was never granted, but always refused to prisoner for the purpose of corresponding with General Bedford Forrest, who had preferred the charge.

Henson in said sweat box we chained him with the sweat box chain which prevented him from moving and he was forced to remain there alone, and only liberated from there at one time, so far as I can remember, and that was on 4th of July, , when the great Yankee spy was in heavy irons and chains paraded in front of the assembled populace of Mobile, Ala.

I never felt a fear of death. He and his wife are buried at Henry Cemetery, in Corinth, Mississippi.

A page book from , from a solid reporter of the era. Gut feel and suspicion, Henson may have really been a deep-cover operative, i. Thanks for reading! Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Service under the shadow of the scaffold,. The search for the spy; the adventures of an American boy at the outbreak of the war,. The adventures of Sidney Reilly, Britain's master spy;. The great circle; further adventures in free-lancing.

The further adventures of the one-eyed poacher;. Skip to main Skip to similar items.

The Anthemic Allure Of 'Dixie,' An Enduring Confederate Monument | KOSU

HathiTrust Digital Library. Search full-text index. To understand how that came to be, I spent the first weekend of July at the annual reenactment of the Battle of Gettysburg — where, amid the deafening sounds of muskets and canons, the unmistakable melody of "Dixie" wafted through the smoke-filled air. The roving collective is comprised of teachers, historians and musicians from around the country, who play Southern anthems with period instruments, dressed in full costume.

And Dixie was published first in or , so it was a hot, popular hit. It's really a wonderful song, if you ignore all the racial and political overtones," says Pulitzer Prize-winning writer Tony Horwitz. He traced the enduring legacy of the Lost Cause, interviewing descendants of Confederate soldiers and contemporary reenactors for his celebrated book, Confederates in the Attic: Dispatches from the Unfinished Civil War.

Horwitz says he wanted to understand how artifacts like "Dixie" became such charged symbols of white supremacy in the post-war South. And it was another way of steering memory away from slavery, toward a war between what Southerners call 'a different way of life. It was embraced by the segregationist Dixiecrats in the s. And in the s, it was sung by white women protesting the integration of schools in Arkansas and elsewhere," he says. In the s, the song entered pop culture as the sound of the car horn on the TV show The Dukes of Hazzard. The car was named the General Lee.

But Dixie's biggest platform has been the Southern football stadium — and nowhere more prominently than the University of Mississippi and its Pride of the South marching band. Chris Presley was a drum major for that band: He played the school's fight song for his first two years, then conducted it during his final two.

Presley is African-American, and says that despite the song's divisive history, during games it could transform into a unifying anthem. However, when the school finally discontinued using the song in , under pressure from student groups and alumni , Presley welcomed the decision.


Dixie Spy : A Lost Love: A Civil War Love Story

You cannot sing this song. The Confederate flag is anathema to African-Americans, and for good reason. And the song 'Dixie. And yet, Marie has always loved the song. I want to reclaim it as my mine — I'm from the South, too," she says. She debuted her rendition to an audience in Richmond.

And both songs are representative of what it's like living in the South. Featuring multiple versions of "Dixie" infused with African and African-American musical traditions, it's part of Sims' ongoing project to subvert Confederate memorabilia. But for the most part, a song that was once performed at official functions and soirees across the South has largely faded from public life.

Tony Horwitz says that the recent campaigns to remove Confederate monuments from Southern cities are proof that the Old South is finally fading.

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Many more people who live there now grew up elsewhere, and have no allegiance to these symbols and this sense of the South that existed for so many generations — or they're actively hostile to it," he says. Ed Ayers says it's now time for Southerners to find more inclusive symbols — and anthems.

Why do those four years, out of the years that people have lived on this landscape and thought of it as a place, why do they get to define us forever? Why can't we claim new voices and new identities that embrace all Southern people? The cultural shift toward a more inclusive Southern identity means re-enactments like those at Gettysburg are among the only places where "Dixie" can be performed in front of large audiences without courting controversy. But attendance at Civil War reenactments is waning, and at this year's concert at Gettysburg, the 2nd South Carolina String Band announced that the show would be their last.