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After reading this I am reassured that I am taking the right steps to getting my children and myself threw this hard time.

How to Make your Divorce a Living Hell

Thank you. I want to thank you for your words of support and strength. I am going through a divorce and reading your article hits every reason why I am divorcing and what I am going through. I have saved this article on my phone so that I can read this for strength and encouragement during my process. Very well written and insightful. Thanks Julie. I hope the article keeps giving you the strength and clarity you need to keep moving forward. Oh Julie, this article affected me the same way! I am going thru a Divorce also. And I plan to print this out so I can read it over and over again when I need reminding.

Thank You Karen Young for writing this!

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I almost stopped reading after you stated that you were still married. I am still sceptical about taking advice about divorce from someone whom has not experienced it. I truly appreciate your article. I have been married for 23 years. Your words of courage, self-love and self-respect to get to the life I deserve have given me the light I need. Mant thanks!

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Thank you, I can relate and I appreciate this article so much. Thank you for your expertise in this area as I suffer through my divorce. Thank you for publishing this article.

14 Men Open Up About The Devastation Of Divorce

It has given me a lot to think about. My soon to be ex-husband has been very difficult to deal with! I read 4 and saw parts of him cruel, criticizing, and anger and perhaps even a some things about myself manipulation and control? When I try to talk to him about coming up with reasonable solutions…he is stone cold heartless. Of manipulating? I never thought of him as a controlling person…although most everything in our life revolved around him, his family, etc.

But is is SO hard. I do think that your article makes sense though…and I will examine my heart on all points and decide where to go from here. I am going through a divorce with an incredibly unreasonable ex. He has held up the divorce at every opportunity, denied receiving divorce papers, will not fully disclose, I dont know where he lives now, refused mediation.

Continually sends me demeaning texts when I try to negotiate reasonably. It is totally soul destroying. We are going to Court now.

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I have no doubt he will try to drag this process also, costing us thousands in the process. Like the article said I dont think things will evet get truly better for me until the kids have grown as I cannot cut the ties completely and all I really want is never to hear from the man again so I can live in peace.

Bethenny Frankel Blamed By Ex’s Lawyer For Stalling 6-Year Divorce

This is a great article. Particularly the bit about kids. I have two, and have just separated from my wife my choice — it had just gone bad. My younger brother just went through 2 years of divorce court. My brother had to pay for a portion of hers…even though she filed. He got served on Christmas Eve. Never expecting it. It hurt my heart as much as his to see him have to go through it. It was so dirty. Sometimes you just have to hit bottom before you can move forward. I tell him that he is so lucky that at 56 yrs. It was a 30 yr. I divorced at 23 in after only one year being married. I felt like a caged rabbit. We remained friends and stay in touch. I love being free. Good luck to those that make the decision to make a change in their life.

It takes courage….. I am on anti-depression meds, mood stabilisers and the whole kitchen sink which I use very diligently, knowing that I have a problem and that without them I would be even worse off than what I am. My current wife number three has not only been my wife and partner for six years but also my best friend, and me hers in spite of all the fighting…………… until now. Finally she has put her foot down and called it a day which has broken me to the bone giving me butterflies in my stomach just thinking of what tomorrow might bring.

I know all the answers to the questions and advice you are going to give me which I welcome but just knowing that you guys have taken the time to read my sob story makes me feel not alone. Thanks for that. My wife left me after nearly two years of marriage and my daughter has just turned 5 months old. I keep the calls brief for a few minutes every 2 days. I love my dearly and my daughter and have put some much effort into this marriage that I feel numb.

We recently meet up 10 days ago and I thought everything was fine, we even went to the zoo together as I had to stay in a hotel when I visit my daughter, my wife comes along too as she is breastfeeding and we seem to get on fine. When I go back which 6 hours away it seems normal, but now she has cancelled my visit because she wants to visit her friend.

This was already agree, during the conversation she again brought up old arguments and still thinks I had an affair. She left me before Christmas and refused to allow me to be with her and my daughter. Luckily I have proof that the items belong to me and a prenup. And a deep loss in confidence in trusting my own judgement of people. We were married 30 years, he had been having an affair for the last 9 years.

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  • We tried, no I tried to stay together but it turns out they never really ended. They keep in contact and see each other. We have 3 grown kids and we all feel a major betrayal from him. I fight with him about everything, I want him to hurt like he hurt me. Every time I hear that he has seen his girlfriend or talked with her, I lose it.

    DEATH BY MARRIAGE: What God Hates MORE Than Divorce

    I do whatever I can to make him miserable. From this moment on I will be trying my hardest to move on, let go and forget about him! So my daughter has to deal with the dad of her boys. It has been a self esteem killer for her in a devastating way along with depression. I help with boys when they are with her to hopefully provide her time and space to heal and recover.

    Yes there is therapy.