Guide Butrint 3: Excavations at the Triconch Palace (Butrint Archaeological Monographs)

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Includes delivery to Finland. Butrint 6 describes the excavations carried out on the Vrina Plain by the Butrint Foundation from Lying just to the south of the ancient port city of Butrint, these excavations have revealed a 1, year long story of a changing community that began in the 1st century AD, one which not only played its part in shaping the city of Butrint but also in how the city interacted and at times reacted to the changing political, economic and cultural situations occurring across the Mediterranean World over this period.

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Volume I discusses the results from the excavations, tracing the development of the area from an early Roman bridgehead suburb during the 1st and 2nd centuries AD to a major 3rd-century domus, one of the largest of its kind in the province of Epirus Vetus, its transformation into a new residential centre dominated by a Christian basilica in Late Antiquity, to becoming the home of a Byzantine archon during the 9th and 10th centuries when it was, in all but name, Butrint, and its subsequent uses following its abandonment due to the rising water table.

This is followed by a description of the domus mosaics and a detailed examination of the basilica mosaics, analysing the imagery, meaning and context of this intricate and detailed pavement, together with discussions of the Vrina Plain and its place within the story of Butrint and the wider Mediterranean World during the Roman and Byzantine periods.

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Dark age economics revisited : W. Die Drehscheibenkeramik aus den Plangrabungen — Epirus Vetus. The Excavations of San Giovanni di Ruoti.

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Butrint 3 : excavations at the Triconch Palace

The rebirth of towns in the West, AD : a review of current research into how, when, and why there was a rebirth of towns between and Macclesfield: Windgather; Yizhar Hirschfeld. Three further research reports on the excavations are in preparation. In , Hodges instigated national discussions which led to the formation of a national archaeological team, including alumni of the UEA programme.

Finally, in April and May , Hodges organized public fora to encourage the reform of the public sector responsible for cultural heritage practice.

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The first forum considered the role of private enterprise and the appropriate frameworks for cultural heritage in the next decade. The second examined further capacity building to ensure the progressive reform of the sector with the involvement of private enterprise.

Making post-Stalinist archaeology in Albania, in N. Hills eds. Richard Hodges, Eternal Butrint.

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The Butrint archaeological park was defined in the s by the communist government of Albania as a means of obtaining hard currency from foreign communist party members visiting the country. The Butrint Foundation registered charity was founded in and since has operated in collaboration with members of the School of World Art Studies, UEA.

These have been instrumental in attracting visitors to the site: 77, ticketed visitors in the first three quarters of , a rise from under in see further details below. In the park was further enlarged to include Lake Butrint with support from Ramsar.

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In a museum and wetland trails were established at Butrint to outline the emerging history of the site as our research was revealing it and to display finds from our recent excavations.