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Description A powerful tale of love, lust and redemption, All My Single Ladies depicts the emotional and sometimes tumultous journey in the lives of women. Read more Read less. Map and Directions View Map. View Details. Follow this organizer to stay informed on future events Theater 47 Event creator. Events you might like:. Arts Performance. Like when will I get married and have children? However, it is difficult for me to imagine compromising my ambitions, especially after dedicating so much time and effort towards them.

Strangely enough, living a single and childless life does not worry me. I have a great community of friends, and chilling in a small apartment with a few dogs or cats does not sound like an unappealing idea. This is why reading this book was so enlightening. I realized I am not alone; there is a world of single womanhood I never knew existed. Using personal anecdotes, statistics and historical evidence, Rebecca Traister builds a book that addresses challenges that are relevant to women today. She collects data from a diverse population sample, which helped decrease my own ignorance about single womanhood.

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I always imagined the typical single lady was like me: college-educated and delaying marriage to chase her career goals. But I realized my perspective comes from a place of privilege. Single women have multifaceted experiences. They find fulfillment through their friendships as opposed to romantic endeavours.

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  4. While others see marriage and children as burdensome. Some single women practice abstinence while others engage in promiscuous expenditures. And some women are not single by choice. They want to get married, but will not - and should not have to - settle. I do not see marriage as burdensome, but I want a partner who will enter a fair and compassionate union with me.

    I want my ambitions respected and supported. I want us to have equal responsibility for chores, cooking, and childcare. Is this asking for a lot? I hardly think so. My upbringing as a South Asian woman, without a doubt, also influenced my perception of this book. In South Asia, marriage is as a monumental milestone. Not only does it help a woman acquire social approval, but also safety.

    Unlike the West, life for single women in South Asia can sometimes even be dangerous. I am forever grateful I had the opportunity to grow up in Canada. As a single woman in Canada, I have rights and freedoms many of my female relatives in South Asia do not. Yes, a number of steps need to be completed before true equity between the sexes is achieved. However, I always try comparing social progress in context with the rest of the world. I hope books like these help us start important conversations. We need to enhance social policies that protect parental leave, subsidize childcare and promote equal pay.

    Women's choices should be respected, and single women should not be stigmatized. There is not one yellow brick road to happiness and fulfillment. There are many. Overall, this book is a great read for both men and women. My only complaint is that this book was dry. I am a firm believer that even academic writing can be and should be engaging and endearing. View all 4 comments. Apr 10, Miri rated it it was amazing Shelves: sociology-culture , gender-studies. Besides the fact that it was interesting and well-written, there were three things I really appreciated about this book: 1.

    It examined the history of single women in the United States and includes quotes from and stories about historical single women throughout the book. It really helped to ground current trends in the context of the history of the women's movement. Unli Besides the fact that it was interesting and well-written, there were three things I really appreciated about this book: 1. Unlike other books and articles about this trend, the book did not focus on "single" women who cohabitate with their committed male partners without technically marrying them.

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    While these women are part of the story and they were included in this book, Traister also interviewed and talked about women who do not prioritize--or just don't have--serious romantic relationships. She discussed friendship, loneliness, single motherhood, and lots of other stuff that isn't just couples that are basically married except in the legal sense. As someone committed to a pretty solo lifestyle, I appreciated that.

    I do wish that Traister had included a little more about queer women rather than relegating them to a few paragraphs at the end, though. I was really hoping for something to sink my teeth into.

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    Maybe because most people still don't understand what feminism means in the U. It's not a dirty word. It doesn't mean you hate men. I stupidly thought the book would maybe be looking at unmarried women and their rise over the past years. Instead we go all the way back to the s and go forward. The author also throws in some anecdotal information here and there and then has some statistics. I just really didn't feel as immersed in what she was trying to do.

    I think she could have taken a page out of Aziz Ansari's "Modern Romance" and just bring some fun into the book. And I felt like she was hand waving away most of the single black women rise as well. I think because she was trying to say that rise was due to other factors and she didn't want to get into them all in this book.

    May 18, Britany rated it liked it Shelves: people-mag-rec , audiobook , bookriot , non-fiction , It started out strong, I found myself nodding along and pumping my fist in admiration to this author for tackling a subject that I enjoy and proudly find myself a part of. I enjoyed listening to the statistics interspersed almost seamlessly with multiple narratives and the author's own opinion.

    Then, she took a couple turns where I found myself struggling with some of the statistics- they weren't that impressive, in fact some were just slightly different for unmarri hmm, this one was interesting. Then, she took a couple turns where I found myself struggling with some of the statistics- they weren't that impressive, in fact some were just slightly different for unmarried women as married women.

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    Then she took a welfare turn, and I ended this book on the opposite side, disappointed and frustrated with the end message. While this was a tough one to rate and review- I'm falling squarely in the middle. I think this could've much more powerful, and I found myself quoting some of the facts to family and co-workers. However, the punch was quite as impactful as I wanted. May 29, Jess Johnson rated it liked it. I was mostly-single until my late twenties so I thought I'd really enjoy this book.

    There are some details I love -ex. It was great to read to understand how things like today's gig economy actually give freedoms of support traditionally provided through the institution of marriage ex. That I was mostly-single until my late twenties so I thought I'd really enjoy this book.

    That said, I disliked Traister's constantly positive spin on singledom as a "choice" for women. While many women do intentionally choose to stay single longer, I felt Traister selectively chooses to focus on women want to be single and thus are. In reality, many of the women I know who are out and having fun are frustrated at the lack of companionship and demands of hookup culture. I recommend pairing this read with Aziz Ansari's Modern Romance for contrasting view points on modern dissatisfaction with dating.

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    View all 3 comments. Feb 18, Cassie rated it really liked it. Here's the thing I liked best about this book--even though I've never really been concerned that I'm doing 30 the "wrong way" i. Jan 29, Sophie Brookover marked it as to-read Shelves: nonfiction , vinegary-ladies , to-read.