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This was further ascertained when I later spotted her beating up some other poor soul—and yes, I intervened again.

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Not only did I stop the attack, but I also told her mother. The mother was shocked that her daughter was acting in such a way. The girl looked so harmless. She was only about three, and yet she had managed to physically and emotionally intimidate at least two children. What had made her act in this way?

Bullying in the early years (free article)

Or was she just a bad seed who felt the need to act out her frustrations on poor unsuspecting souls? Her daughter had been bullying other children, unbeknown to her. On this particular day she had threatened a Year 2 girl with a pair of scissors and then proceeded to cut her hair, which, by the way, had never been cut before. My girlfriend was just as shocked as the mother at the play gym. Once again, this was an incident of a little girl with pigtails and dimples bullying someone much bigger than her without having been provoked.

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What is it with these girls? In looking further to find the answer, I came across another bullying misconception. Every source of information I accessed said that girls bully differently from boys. Apparently, boys who are bullies will tend to be aggressive, whereas girl bullies will be nasty, use scare tactics and exclude others intentionally.

Girls are capable of much more than back-stabbing and name-calling. But the one thing we can do to put a stop to bullying is teach our children to stand up for each other, because unfortunately our children cannot always rely on an adult to witness bullying and intervene. The most recent Australian research on bullying is The Australian covert bullying prevalence study published by Edith Cowan University in Cross et al. The study found that by Year 9, 55 per cent of students—as opposed to 27 per cent of Year 4 students—said they had been bullied.

Of these students, 12 per cent feared that the bullying could physically hurt them, however only 12 per cent felt comfortable to tell an adult. Another study— Naturalistic observations of peer interventions in bullying Hawkins et al. With bullying becoming more prevalent as children get older, and with children less likely to tell an adult as they age, it makes sense to arm our young ones with the skills they need to stop bullying by intervening.

And we teachers and parents need to arm our children with these skills in the early years. If we teach our children to band together against bullying, maybe we can nip bullying in the bud for good. The girlshealth.

Stop Bully Birds at the Feeders

One of the things we can teach them to do is to stand up to bullies. You can see for yourself, then the procedures in the policy and raise your particular problem with your employer. The policy should provide for prompt, fair, confidential and effective resolution. The HSA is not in a position to get involved in mediating or investigating your bullying complaint but we can use our statutory powers to ensure that:.

vestgabencoke.tk A number of individual bullying grievances have been dealt with through mediation by the Advisory Development and Research Services over the past number of years. Rights Commissioners also deal with such disputes — they are independent adjudicators and they investigate disputes referred to them by individuals or small groups of workers under specific legislation.

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Their findings are issued to the parties in the form of non-binding recommendations. This service deals with the vast majority of issues around bullying. Contact the Employment Rights Information Unit for information on employment legislation on 80 80 90or email them at info employmentrights. The Employment Equality Act, and the Equal Status Act, outlaw discrimination in employment, vocational training, advertising, collective agreements, the provision of goods and services and other opportunities to which the public generally have access on nine distinct grounds.

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