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But surely to call Islam sex-positive is to insult all Muslim women, for sex is seen entirely from the male point of view; women's sexuality is admitted but seen as something to be feared, repressed, and a work of the devil. Scholars have long pointed out that these images are clearly drawn pictures and must have been inspired by the art of painting. Muhammad, or whoever is responsible for the descriptions, may well have seen Christian miniatures or mosaics representing the gardens of paradise and has interpreted the figures of angels rather literally as those of young men and young women.

A further textual influence on the imagery found in the Koran is the work of Ephrem the Syrian [ CE], Hymns on Paradise, written in Syriac, an Aramaic dialect and the language of Eastern Christianity, and a Semitic language closely related to Hebrew and Arabic. This naturally leads to the most fascinating book ever written on the language of the Koran, and if proved to be correct in its main thesis, probably the most important book ever written on the Koran. Christoph Luxenberg's book, Die Syro-Aramaische Lesart des Koran, available only in German, came out just over a year ago, but has already had an enthusiastic reception, particularly among those scholars with a knowledge of several Semitic languages at Princeton, Yale, Berlin, Potsdam, Erlangen, Aix-en-Provence, and the Oriental Institute in Beirut.

Luxenberg tries to show that many obscurities of the Koran disappear if we read certain words as being Syriac and not Arabic. We cannot go into the technical details of his methodology but it allows Luxenberg, to the probable horror of all Muslim males dreaming of sexual bliss in the Muslim hereafter, to conjure away the wide-eyed houris promised to the faithful in suras XLIV. Luxenberg 's new analysis, leaning on the Hymns of Ephrem the Syrian, yields "white raisins" of "crystal clarity" rather than doe-eyed, and ever willing virgins - the houris.

Luxenberg claims that the context makes it clear that it is food and drink that is being offerred, and not unsullied maidens or houris.

Virgins? What virgins?

In Syriac, the word hur is a feminine plural adjective meaning white, with the word "raisin" understood implicitly. As Luxenberg's work has only recently been published we must await its scholarly assessment before we can pass any judgements. But if his analysis is correct then suicide bombers, or rather prospective martyrs, would do well to abandon their culture of death, and instead concentrate on getting laid 72 times in this world, unless of course they would really prefer chilled or white raisins, according to their taste, in the next.

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Psalm 119 – The Greatness and Glory of God’s Word

Sort order. Apr 11, Megan rated it did not like it Shelves: not-mine-library , urban-fantasy , young-adult , did-not-finish. The door was marred by several claw-like gashes - like the way Daisy would leave scratches on my bedroom door when I left her home alone, only these scratches were much larger and deeper. Whatever animal had been kept in here had apparently gotten out.

Yet our protagonist, Grace Divine, doesn't figure out the mystery until she is very blatantly told on page Upon discovering being told the supernatural secret of her childhood friend and long time crush Grace rushes home and But Grace, upon learning that mystical beasts do exist, simply runs home and blames herself. Daniel Mr. Long Time Crush told her that his, er So she should understand about complicated things such as genes, yes? Yet she spends the following morning crying and reflects, I felt like such a fraud. My father told me my name meant mercy, help, and guidance. But he was wrong.

All Grace Divine meant was blundering, meddling, disappointment. Everything I touched - everything I tried to help - fell apart and slipped through my fingers. Why did I have to press the issue, refuse to stay ignorant? Why couldn't I stop myself from creating this mess? If I had just stayed out of things, if I had just minded my own business for all these years, would everything be the way it used to? Would Daniel still be the blondhaired boy next door I gave up on this one a few pages after reading the above pity party.

Seriously, when someone tells you they have an unwanted genetic condition, what sort of person runs home and blames herself???

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Unless of course you are the parent ; But if you're not the parent As someone who spent my teen years rebelling as much as possible including rebelling against my Catholic schooling by discovering atheism I simply cannot relate the pastor's daughter and perpetual good-girl Grace Divine. Not that I'm endorsing all teens to pull an Eric Cartman , but I do expect some independent thought. Speaking of which, Grace is the worst excuse for a heroine since Bella Swan. Actually, I believe I hate Grace a little bit more than Bella.

Grace doesn't figure out anything for herself and frequently takes "no" for an answer when she questions Daniel, her dad and her brother as she blunders her way through this book. Yes, I know that covers are ridiculously misleading. But this one is so pretty, and a little sex-ay.

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Although I quit on page out of I am certain that the book will not live up to the cover. Despite the above gripes, the bottom line is that her story bugged me, so I am done. View all 39 comments.

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Okay, I know it's dorky to add my own book to my to-read list, but I was giddy about it being listed on GoodReads and I couldn't resist! View all 34 comments.

888 Angel Number The Divine Message Revealed

Mar 22, Lea rated it it was ok Shelves: epic-fail , made-me-want-to-punch-something , make-it-stop-now , love-triangle , paranormal-romance , paranormal , tstl-heroines , lazy-writing , murder-mystery , high-school-drama-fest. View all 29 comments. Reviewed by Jordan B. She has a friend who is kind of a synonym for air-head. Then one day a new guy appears. She is immediately drawn to him like a synonym for prey to a synonym for predator. His name is select a name no one has given a child in the last years.

To prove it, he drives a motorcycle.

Angels From the Realms of Glory |

Through pick a number morethan 1 chapters our girl doggedly stalks this guy she claims to loathe with her head pick a place one might shove their head if they were quite stupid. But really the thought of these two getting intimate is thoroughly synonym for icky anyways, as they have about as much chemistry as a wet mop and a potato. Oh yeah. Did you get it filled out? Congratulations, you are now a writer. For more reviews from The Rusty Key, visit us at www. View all 6 comments. Jun 08, Jess The Cozy Reader Kennedy rated it it was amazing Recommends it for: young adult, fantasy, paranormal.

Shelves: author-signed , contest-prize , reviewed , keeper. I also got a bottle of matching nail polish as seen on the cover and a pedicure kit! I stood back and watched his movements. Daniel had that way about him that could shut me down in an instant. I kicked the gravel a couple of times and worked up my courage again. I mean. Why now, after all this time? But she has no idea what a truly monstrous secret that night really held. As Grace gets closer to Daniel, her actions stir the ancient evil Daniel unleashed that horrific night.

Grace must discover the truth behind Jude and Daniel's dark secret. But she may have to lay down the ultimate sacrifice to do it—her soul. This book is written so well it all flows amazingly well and keeps you guessing what will happen next. The ending was handled wonderfully. I enjoyed this entire book. Setting The town is said to be near Apple Valley.

A lot happens in the art class, the parish, the Divine house and backyard and downtown.

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I particularly enjoyed the tree climbing and finding baby James the best. And the angel memorial: awesome. Writing Amazing. The tone is unique in a way that makes me second guess myself each page turn. I hate figuring it out before the main character.

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I had my guesses but so did Grace but neither of us knew until it was there. He was very interesting and I wanted to know more about him. But like I explained above Bree had me second guessing myself the entire book.